Visit Parliament

Visit Parliament and find out more about the country'’'s highest legislative body and how it works, attend parliament debates, question time and committee meetings of both houses

  1. Attend a Sitting

    Proceedings of Parliament are open to the public. Parliament sittings are announced in advance through media and the respective websites. Click here to find out how you can attend proceedings when Parliament is in session.

  2. Tour of the Parliament

    Take a tour of the parliament.

Click to download the Visitor Guide

Virtual Tours

Take a virtual tour of the National Council and the National Assembly and get to know about the country's law-making body.

Visitor Information

Visitors must comply with the following:

  • Visitors will have to go through security screening and vehicle checks to enter the Parliament complex. Please arrive at least 20 minutes earlier to avoid delays.
  • Visitors will be required to present identification (ID card or passport) for verification and issue of an (admission) pass, which must be returned when leaving.
  • Visitors should be dressed formally. No admission will be granted to anyone not appropriately dressed.
  • Photography is not allowed inside parliament premises.

Public entrance Parking

Public entrance to the National Assembly is via the eastern entrance from the highway going to Langjopakha. Entrance to the National Council is via Gate II from the highway to Langjopakha (see map). Public parking facilities are available subject to availability. For more information, please refer to FAQ

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